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(Verb Samples) (Subanen – English Translation)

Sample Verbs
to bite - mongugdit
to blow -mongoyup
to breathe - guminawa
to burn - mondoksul
to burn -mondoksul
to buy - sumaloy
to chew- momaqan
to choose - momiliq
to climb - monek
to come - mangoy
to cook -misabu, mogapoy
to count - mogitung
to cry - moksogow
to cut, hack -mogbul
to die, be dead- patoy
to dig - mongokot
to dream - toginopan
to drink- minum
to eat - kuman
to fall - modogdag
to fear - mondok
to fly - lumayug
to hear - mokinongog
to hide moglogabong
to hold - kumokom
to hunt - moktiqit
to kill - bunuqon
to know, be knowledgeable - sunan
to laugh - mokotawa
to plant - momula
to pound, beat - mogbayu
to say - moktaluq
to scratch - mokatol, mongokot
to see - moktongow
to sew - sumobot
to sit - mogingkod
to sleep - motulug
to sniff, smell - sumopu
to spit - dumulaq
to squeeze - kosolon
to stab, pierce - pokpakon
to stand - mogindog
to steal - mogdakow
to suck - sumoksop
to swim - lumangoy
to think - pikil
to throw - pilakon
to tie up, fasten- ikotan
to turn - motilong
to vomit - kutaq
to walk - ompanow
to work - moginang
to yawn - logab


Note: You may share your Subanen version based on your locality. (Subanen tuboy, Subanen Sibugay, Subanen Sindangan, Subanen Misamis etc.)