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The Subanen People's Council

The Council and Advisers 
Subanen Government Hierarchy for ministries
Adapting the ruling National Government; the Subanen Political Structure headed by Datu as the highest ruler, also in accordance to RA 8371. Council hierarchy in the Subanen People's Kingdom 

The Council and advisers are the league of gray haired experienced elders and younger experts of the people's culture, policy, laws, customary laws, economy, business, people's development, urban development, natural resources, mining, environmental protection and all aspects.  

They provide advice and guidance to the Council Chief, the Ministers, the City rulers, the Governorate rulers and the Highest ruler in governing the Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK) with regard to enhancing and protecting the projects and programs, traditions, customs, laws and language and to ensure a balanced decision through the criteria on concerns, through traditions and customs.

Council and adviser's role
  • Council and Advisers will provide guidance to the His Majesty  Datu Gendao for the plans, projects, developments and anything related to people's governance.
  • Council and Advisers will work in partnership with the Ministers and provide guidance to insure that the policy, laws, tradition and culture are well preserved and the people are provided the right services and protected in general.
  • Council and Advisers will work in partnership with the rulers of the villages, cities and governorates and provide guidance the people's governance.
  • Council and Advisers have the authorities to voice their concern, opposed and even intervene the direction and decisions of the ministers and rulers and advice the His Majesty Datu Gendao about anything that needs to be given a second look before approval.

It is expected that the Council and Advisers will be actively involved in decisions respecting the direction and governance of the the Subanen People's Kingdom (PSK).
The Council and Advisers' representative in the villages, cities and governorates speaks in behalf of the   Council's decisions, comments and advices to the rulers.
The Council and Advisers are expected to train more representatives in every villages, cities and governorates to ensure that the required minimum ratio of the people and the council member is satisfied so that the principle, the purpose and the intention of the league for the Subanen people is served.
Definition of the Council and Advisers

Council and Advisers are respected and honored by their communities for their spirituality, wisdom, high intelligence, knowledge, life experiences, and teachings. They have a deep understanding of people and communities. They are recognized for their gifts, for their love and knowledge of the land and the language, and for their knowledge of traditions. Within the Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK), Council and Advisers are role models, resources, and advisors, providing guidance and support to the rulers and the people.


Council and Advisers will remain in their post forever unless they would stepdown for personal and health reasons or due to unacceptable violations which the Chief of the and the members convened and concluded the force removal of a council member.  

Council and Advisers are not appointed by anyone but they rose to power and authority voluntarily though their passion to serve and to help. For them to be officially admitted as members of the council and advisers, they would  submit a letter of intent to the His Majesty Datu Gendao for his/her interest and he/she would be accepted based of the standard requirements and qualification for a ruler. Once qualified and approved then he/she would be added to the rosters of the council and advisers.

Meetings are could be conducted remotely using the advance technology or face to face meeting depending on the availability of the member. The meeting would always provide a way for every member who are in the other place may join online though chat or video conferencing. Personal presence is not a very strict requirements joining online via video conferencing or chat is required. Every after any meeting, each member is required to submit within 48 hours his/her comments, suggestions and recommendations related to the agendas of the meeting and must be submitted to the chief of the Council and Advisers.

Honorarium & Salary:

Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK) government did not practice the monetary rewards for any services rendered by any rulers, advisers, council members & ministers. All and every services are Free of charge and purely voluntary. The heart of the service is "the passion to serve the people" without expecting any monetary rewards in return. This practice is effective to avoid any unnecessary competition of power to gain riches. This is also to make sure that only capable people to rule would lead and serve the people base on his capability and to help and protect his people. Collecting of payments from his people as taxes or payment for his services is prohibited and is considered as a serious violation from the Subanen People's norm and a crime that could cause to expulsion and forever ban to rule the people.

Council and Advisers

Timuay Lucenio Manda
Gukom chairperson
Bayug, Zamboanga del Sur
Gukom Western Mindanao Tribal Leaders Federation

Datu Mangura Roselito Bala
Governorate Ruler of Zamboanga del Sur
Member of the Highest Subanen Council

Datu Tangkilan
Governorate Ruler of Zamboanga del Norte
Member of the Highest Subanen Council

Vincenso Sagun, Zamboanga Del Sur

Pitogo, Zamboanga Del Sur

Pito Kodolungan Territories 
(Zamboanga Sibugay/Zamboanga Del Norte

Ramon Magsayasay. Zamboanga Del Sur

Ginsalugan Territories
 (Misamis Occidental/Zamboanga Del Norte)

Kumalarang, Zamboanga Del Sur

MANIFESTO - Subanen Conference on free Prior and informed Consent