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Support for Sustainability and People's Development

Tree Planting Program, Project in the Subanen People's Kingdom, Philippines

In order for us to balance the development and nature we have initiated some projects that could be beneficial for all of us in a long run. We have chosen the tree planting program. Tree planting programs can be large or small scale. A large program might involve planting of thousands mangrove trees to prevent soil erosion along a coastline, and planting fruit and non-fruit bearing trees in the denuded areas. 

A small tree planting program might involve planting twenty trees in a green community access space. Large or small, all planting programs are important and it involves the community by partnering with the schools or volunteers who are fascinated with the environment protection.

As with many other things, proper advance planning makes a planting program more likely to succeed. The logistics required to organize a planting program are often considerably more than most people would expect. Key considerations are the personnel, transportation, and materials (trees to be planted, and equipment used to plant them). 

In order for our program to succeed and be done continuously, we welcome volunteers and support. You may help us with our Tree planting program.