Subanen -Philippine Flag unity

Subanen Ruler's Name

Subanen ruler either be Tim'uay, or a Datu has the right to chose his name based on the ancient and traditional name. It is also a requirement especially if the official name registered at the Philippine Civil registrar's Office and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is already patterned to the Spaniards and American setup as such names are irrelevant in the Subanen Culture.

Subanen traditional name and cultural name are the official names that would reflect in all Subanen official correspondence specially the rulers who are the bearer of the symbols of the people.

The name of the highest Subanen Leader

His Highness, Majesty Datu Gendao the Subanen highest leader, descendant of the Datu of Sindangan who re-established the Subanen People's Kingdom has chosen such name as he is a bearer of Sun and a lone star next to it. A sun that shines the day and His lone star with other 11 stars of the rulers that shines the entire Subanen People's Kingdom even during the night. these lights gives forever hope that Subanen people would not perished on earth but would survive and triumph from all challenges in the past and the future. 

The ensign and emblem of the Highest Ruler

-------Subanen Flag

Subanen flag symbolizes the "Earth" the only planet where life exist and the "People" in it 

Light Cyan

The light cyan line at the uppermost  [ (HEX Code: #E0FFFF) Decimal Code (R,G,B)rgb (224,255,255)] symbolizes the sky where all the power of the sun emits its light to earth. It is one of the most important foundation of the earth for human to survive.


The majority and dominant upper part of the flag has a white color, it symbolizes the atmosphere, a transparent place where human live, purity and it also symbolizes the spirit that give life to all living creatures.  


It  has a sun with 7 rays  at the upper most center of the flag. 7 rays is actually means in numerology; a perfect number that symbolized "God", a number of days when God created the universe and rested at the 7th day. Seven sun rays means Freedom, Compassion, Wisdom, Harmony, Knowledge, Passion and Order. It also means Power, Love, Purity, Truth, and Peace. 

The Stars

There are 12 stars beneath the sun. Each star symbolizes each governorates, independent cities and the  the ruler. The last 8 stars symbolizes the 8 governorates, the  three starts in the middle symbolizes the 3 independent cities and metropolis and the lone star at the front most symbolizes the ruler.

The Golden wheat fruit

The golden wheat fruit symbolizes peace and abundance of harvest. It also means wealth of people under the protection of God.


It symbolizes the environment, the plants and trees where people rely on to survive as source of oxygen to breath,, fruits of plants and trees as food. Subanen people are pro environment and protect the forest, the nature and the minerals in it. 

Yellow gold

It symbolizes the wealth beneath the land. 

Blue or dark blue

Subanen believes that beneath the land is where the water that links the deep blue sea. It also symbolizes internal  peace and calmness. 


Red is at the bottom of the flag. it symbolizes energy, warm, battle and also it means the core center of the earth.