Subanen -Philippine Flag unity

♚Datu G'ndao (Gendao)

 The Biography of Datu Gendao

His Majesty Datu (G'ndao) Gendao is the current unity ruler of the Subanen people in the entire Subanen People’s Kingdom. He was born from Bai T’lli on December 21, 1979 and from his birth He is destined to rule and to rise, to reunite the Subanen people, to re-established the broken monarchy and stand and face the world for the existence of the Subanen people.

Bai T’lli ( Bai or Queen in English translation), the mother of His Majesty Datu Gendao is from the blood of Datu T’ngkilan (Tangkilan) the brilliant Subanen Ruler of Zamboanga Del Norte. Datu Gendao is the seventh son, a bearer of the most powerful number seven to reunite the seven Subanen territories in modern names (Basilan Island, Camiguin Island, Zamboanga Del Sur and Sibugay, Zamboanga Del Norte, Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental, and Lanao del Norte)

His Majesty Datu Gendao though is mother Bai T’lli is a descendant of the ancient ruler Datu T’ngkilan (Tangkilan) the powerful ruler of Sindangan and the entire territory under his control called in the modern name as Zamboanga Del Norte. It is a Subanen culture to carry the name of the previous ruler as Datu T’ngkilan to the succeeding generations of rulers but the culture also prohibits the next generation ruler to choose his most appropriate name based on his skills, capability and capacity. 

Datu Gendao’s birth in early life and education

It was during the Philippine political instability when Bai T’lli given birth to His Majesty Datu Gendao. They were on the move and evacuated from Zamboanga Del Norte to the Province of Agusan del Sur, the land of the Kamayo tribes for safety. His Majesty was born in the midst of the jungle on December 21, 1979 during the rule of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. After 6 months, his family decided to return to Zamboanga Del Norte where our Datu Gendao raised. Datu Gendao was graduated from a public elementary and high school in Zamboanga Del Norte where He often witnessed how the Subanen people were discriminated and bullied by the Tausug and Visayan Cebuano migrants. Datu Gendao grew up with full concealment of His identity as son of Bai T'lli to also protect Himself that even His Subanen classmates did not know who really He is but often confused them why He is always there to stand and protect his Subanen classmates from discriminations and bullying. His look and outfit could not clearly say who He is because he looks modern, neat and well organized compared to His  Subanen, Tausug and Visayan classmates. He also speaks the same languages like the majority Visayan classmates that speared him from any discriminations.

Datu Gendao is a genuinely smart, brainy and a consistent honor student since elementary and high school. He graduated high school at the age of 16 then pursued his university course in the Philippines' top 10 best universities as government scholar. He studied Electronics and Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. After he completed his university courses, he continued his post graduate study of Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in one of  the biggest universities in Cebu City and later got his Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy from USA. 

Datu Gendao is not just an accountant based on his educational background but also an artist who loves poetry writing and singing. He has written poems and book-bound at the National Library Congress in  Maryland USA in the book titled “Under a Quicksilver Moon” published on year 2002 to 2005. He has a notable lower toned round clear base 2 voice. He loves singing not just ballad but also rock rap songs.  

Education and Career

Life is not easy to imagine that Datu Gendao was a full time student for 2 universities at the same time taking different two courses while He is also a fulltime employee. He worked from 8:00 AM to 5:00 AM Monday to Saturday in a defense and security company while from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM He is also in school taking classes from Monday to Sunday without rest day for at least 4 and a half years.  It sounds like a magic or how He managed His time to work full time and to study full time in 2 universities at the same time taking 2 different courses but if He did it lets try to imagine how could we not do it. He was basically a working student. He is an independent person who sent himself to School without any financial support from his parents and He luckily completed his studies on time.

After his graduation he engaged on his first focus job as Accounting Staff of a Manufacturing firm in Pasay City, Metro Manila but he did not stay longer because of a company incident that violates His principle for anti-bullying. He defended an employee who was bullied by his superior in the work place then eventually resigned when the employer just simply forgive the bully while the victim were forced to quit his job to end the issue. He moved to another Manufacturing firm in Manila and work as Internal Auditor. After 6 months of his job as Internal Auditor he received an offer to work abroad then it’s the time that He ventured the life of an OFW for at least seven years. His life abroad was better compared to his life in Manila so He continued and finished his post graduate study for Masters in Business Administration while working abroad. He held the position of Company Vice President and Group Director as the highest employment post He achieved in His life from a global top 200 biggest conglomerate. Later He returned to the Subanen People’s Kingdom (SPK) to finally face His obligation fulltime to reunite the Subanen people from seven ancient Subanen territories as Datu Gendao.

Jungle Visits and Adventure

On 2015,  Datu Gendao conducted an ocular visit to the jungles in the boundary of three governorates in the middle of Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay and met with the Subanen Tim'uays and Datu rulers in the area. He lived with them for two months in midst of the Jungle where Subanen villages exists to understand the needs of the people and a process of assimilating with them. He visited including the Buklog site in the areas of seven places including Siolan, Bunawan, Dilucot, Diam'pak, Sioran, Sia'nan, Sipacong  as just a Subanen member not as a ruler.

His experience further strengthen His knowledge of the challenges faced by the Subanen People in the modern times including the invasion of the anti government group and started indoctrinating the youth to join the arm struggle against the National government; a principle which is against the Subanen law, tradition and culture. A sense of urgency to past-faced the process is needed. The declaration of persona Non-grata to the NPA in any Subanen territory is highly supported by His Majesty Datu Gendao and lauded the very remarkable action by Tim'uay Lucenio Manda, the Chair of the Subanen Gukom.