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Subanen People's Ministries

Subanen Ministries Overview

Subanen Government Hierarchy for ministries
Adapting the ruling National Government; the Subanen Political Structure headed by Datu as the highest ruler, also in accordance to RA 8371. Ministers hierarchy in the Subanen People's Kingdom 

The Subanen People's Kingdom (PSK) maintain the important Seven ministries as vital chambers for the survival of the Subanen People. 
The existence of Ministries and Department under the National government which are almost similar to the  these seven ministries are purposely structured so that the internal affairs of the Subanen People would be given assurance that there is an appropriate  ministry that would focus on the people's need. 

In every ministry is headed by a Datu who are experienced and capable enough to oversee the people's need. Our Ministry would work hand in hand with the national government departments to ensure that the people's need is properly address and given appropriate action.