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Investment Opportunities Overview

People’s Subanen Kingdom (PSK) is open for investment. 

Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) an attached agency of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is responsible for the development of investments in People’s Subanen Kingdom (PSK) territory and in the entire Philippines. 

Documentation, Legality and Government Support through BOI

Board of Investment Flow and process
Leading the promotions of various industries and investment opportunities, BOI assists the Lumads, Filipino and foreign investors to venture and thrive in vast areas of economic pursuits and acts as your one-stop shop in doing business in the Philippines.

Advisory, Actualization and Aftercare

If you need help going through business procedures and requirements, we’ll be happy to assist you every step of the way. We also provide aftercare to ensure that you have continuing knowledge of your benefits in your scope of business. BOI can coordinate activities to encourage investor-friendly and effective partnerships.

Knowledge-based Research & Information

If you want timely and relevant information in your portfolio, trust BOI to be the headquarters of details and information of various industries here in the Philippines.

Marketing & Promotions

If you want more exposure for your company and more opportunities to collaborate with other businesses, BOI paves the way for you through local and international missions that could help you expand your capital and production capacity.


Did you know that you can avail of tax holidays and tax & duty exemption of imported capital equipment? And all the other perks of setting up your business in the Philippines? Look no further. BOI has all the information you need to help you grow your business to its maximum potential. See the investment incentives here

Policy Advocacy

Never lose track of policies that affect your business. We provide information and briefing sessions to update and remind you of these policies. We can also be your conduit for your feedback and reactions. BOI is happy to listen and propose investment-friendly solutions for you.

Investment Opportunities in Subanen People's Kingdom

Yes we are open for investment! We welcome you to the Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK). You have different industries to explore and invest that includes the following:
  • Hospitality and tourism
    • Hotels and guest houses
    • Food and restaurant
    • Travel and touring
    • Shopping malls and shopping centers
  • Food and beverages
    • Brewery (wine and beers)
    • Fish and vegetable canning
    • other food related processing
  • Infrastructure development &  real estate
    • Railways
    • Highways and express ways
    • Smart Cities
  • Manufacturing
    • Garment and textiles
    • Electronics
    • Boat and ship building
    • Automotive and parts
    • Tin and Metal production
    • Cement production
    • Chemicals
  • Power and energy
    • Solar and wind power
    • Hydrothermal power
    • Geothermal power
    • Nuclear power
  • Mining and oil and gas
    • Gold and precious metals mining
    • Oil and gas exploration
    • LNG & terminals
  • Finance and banking
    • Financing
    • Cryptocurrency and digital currencies
    • Insurance
  • Information technology.
    • Business process outsourcing
    • Knowledge process outsourcing
    • E-commerce
How to get started?

Visit our respective municipalities and cities where you plan to start your investment. You may contact us for more details.