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Gukom Institution

Subanen Gukom (The Magistrate)

Subanen Government Hierarchy for ministries - The Magistrate
Adapting the ruling National Government; the Subanen Political Structure headed by Datu as the highest ruler, also in accordance to RA 8371. Gukom hierarchy in the Subanen People's Kingdom 

Gukom are the magistrates of the Subanen People which is composed of Governorate rulers, Datu and Tim'uays. This is the branch of office of the Subanen Government that has the authority so settle, to mediate and to resolve conflicts. 

Gokum is the justice authority and the league of elders that would review the laws drafted by the rulers of the villages, cities and governorates and make sure that the drafted laws are not against the Subanen culture, tradition and belief. When the drafted law are reviewed and approved by the Highest Gukom then it would be forwarded to the Highest Ruler, His Majesty  Datu Gendao for approval and for official sealing.

Once the law is sealed by His Majesty, it would be returned back to the Gukom Office for the drafting of implementing guidelines then convened with all the rulers of the villages, cities and governorates for guidelines clarifications and implementation instruction.