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Government offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except during published holidays at the Official gazette website or Subanen Territory's official holiday which are published also in our respective provinces and this website.

For official inquiries related to business and investment, please visit directly the respective Municipality or City Mayor's offices in the concerned areas and coordinate with proper authorities for the process to avoid red-tape. If red tape may happened then you may  directly report to us so we could coordinate with our "authorities" and the "national authorities" to investigate and prosecute the accused and erring government officials. Red tapes and corruptions are strictly NOT permissible in any part of the Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK) of the Subanen Territory.

Pursuant to Sec. 7- Par.(b) of RA-8371; Philippine government authorities should coordinate with our reigning "Timuay", or 'Datu" or "Council" or "Datu"  in any concerned areas that would be affected by the project(s) or business for necessary consultations during the project plan stage or before any project(s) would be implemented as it might  affect our lumad or the Subanen People's ancestral domains inside the Subanen People's Kingdom territory. Non-compliance of this "mandate" may face 12 year(s) imprisonment and penalties pursuant to Sec. 72 of RA-8371 and other applicable laws of the Philippines. (Please see the Places affected by this law)

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