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Pas'ungko Festival

Pas'ungko Festival

 Pas'ungko Festival

Pas'ungko Festival highlights Subanen folklore and literature

Subanen cultural heritage is alive and thriving in the entire Subanen territory of Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK) one which it is the Pas'ungko S'g Mis Occ Festival, a highlight of the province's 89th anniversary celebration, and a thanksgiving celebration for the abundance of blessings among the Subanen people.

The Pas'ungko street dance competition promotes cultural sensitivity through its carefully crafted presentations which were reported to be studied exhaustively before being rendered into artful performances.

Each of the 11 competing contingents showed accurate representation of the Subanen tribe, from their traditional attires that tell of the tribe's rich history and culture, to their symbolic rituals and vibrant folk literature.

Echoing the advocacy of preserving the identity and culture of indigenous people, and organizing events for the public so that they may witness and be reminded of their ancestors' legacy.

"This celebration is not only an invitation for now, we should work harder so that our future generation may enjoy what we have this moment. Let this be our gift to them in the future."

His Majesty Rajah Gendao is thankful to the Philippine' Department of Tourism (DOT) for promoting the awareness about the Subanen Culture in Subanen People's Kingdom (SPK) to the entire Philippines and in the world. His majesty is also thankful to the Misamis Occidental Government, the organizers, the participants and most of all the People who visited and enjoyed the festival which is celebrated every month of November.