Subanen -Philippine Flag unity

Aalen sug begas ditu gantang - Measure the hulled-rice by ganta-measure

Gantangan - Ganta of rice / quart

 Gantangan is used to measure un-cooked rice, corn, beans 

Subanen to English Translation:

Begas - rice

Saguk - cup

Basu - cup

Pondut - pinch

Sakuu - sack

Gantang  - Quart / Ganta - measure [measuring rice (uncooked); corn (for planting); beans (for eating)]



(verb - Measures s.t. by pouring it into or from a standard container. )

Subanen: Aalen sug begas ditu gantang. 

English: Measure the hulled-rice by ganta-measure.


Note: You may share your Subanen version based on your locality. (Subanen tuboy, Subanen Sibugay, Subanen Sindangan, Subanen Misamis etc.)